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to the Enlightenment Saloon, an elegant social  gathering with lively music, intelligent discourse, and a two-drink  minimum.  A place where rational people have irreverent fun, where  Thomas Jefferson talks with Festus as they watch the dancing girls.

Take Me to Hong Kong

Take Me to Hong Kong The lyrics to Take Me to Hong Kong were initially inspired by watching Hong Kong avant-garde films at the Nuart Theatre in LA. The ethos of the films centered on the supernatural; the aesthetics were imaginative and decidedly not Hollywood. The...

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Saloon Doors Swing Open

Saloon Doors Swing Open Scott and I wrote our first songs together when we were in high school. We cut our teeth in the age of analog. Four-track tape decks, noisy effects devices, arduous real-time mixes. We even put a mic in a bathroom to serve as reverb. We enjoyed...

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